Why I stoned my two kids to death – 25-year-old father


Elisha Tari, a 25-year-old man, has revealed why he stoned his two children to death in his home.

Elisha was arrested by the Adamawa State Police Command for stoning two of his children, ages 3 and 5, to death.

On Monday, while being paraded, the suspect admitted to having a psychological problem and having been tied in chains in the past.

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“I smoke Indian hemp, consume alcohol, and use snuff.” “I don’t use tramadol or other hard drugs,” he explained.

Tari explained that an attempt to bring his wife and the mother of the deceased children, who had been missing for two months, had failed.

On that fateful day, he said the deceased children approached him while he was cooking and he asked them “When is our mother returning back home?”

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He said that he also asked them to say “God” but instead, they said “fire, and kept saying fire, fire, instead of God.”

According to him, this infuriated him and led him to pick stones to hit the children.

“I became irritated and provoked by their action as a result which I picked up stones and hit them on their heads to death,” Tari added.

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