1,600’repentant’ Boko Haram fighters have learned trades – Lai Mohammed


The government of President Muhammadu Buhari claims that at least 1,600 “repentant” Boko Haram fighters have taken trade classes and are now part of society.

The regime had been successful in halting the insurgency in Nigeria, according to information minister Lai Mohammed, who made this disclosure during his interactions with international media outlets in London.

Mr. Mohammed assured the media outlets that the regime would do everything in its power to combat the rising level of insecurity.

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The minister bragged that 51,000 insurgents had given themselves up just between January and March of this year due to the valiant efforts of the military. About 1,600 former fighters who had been able to learn one trade or another have also been able to reintegrate, according to the statement.

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In order to inform the media and think tanks about the advancements the administration is making in a number of areas, the minister is in London.

Speaking about the results of his interactions with Reuters, The Economist, and Times of London, the minister said that issues relating to security, the economy, combating corruption, and the power sector took centre stage.

The ongoing violence between farmers and herdsmen, according to Mr. Mohammed, has been resolved under Mr. Buhari’s administration.

“The National Livestock Transformation Plan contains our solutions, which are centred on ranching. All that we are asking, the minister said, is that states work more closely with the federal government to ensure that ranching occurs in their states.

Evidence has demonstrated that states where ranching has been implemented experience fewer conflicts than the others, he continued.

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