Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Coalition Mount Pressure On Tinubu To Pick Lalong


The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has been urged by the National Coalition for Democracy, Peace, and Unity (NCDPU) to abandon his plans to run a Muslim-Muslim ticket in favour of Simon Lalong, a Christian governor.

The group expressed concerns about potential threats and a political crisis that would result if the APC decided to consider a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the Communiqué, which was jointly signed by the National Coordinator and Secretary, Ibrahim Ringim and Peter Emmanuel.

For a unified and peaceful coexistence, the group recommended that all political parties strike a balance along religious and ethnic lines.
The Coalition group asserts that the APC should behave similarly to the main opposition People’s Democratic Party and notes that Lalong has demonstrated his ability to bring people together by successfully handling the crises in Plateau State.

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According to the group, if the APC takes a different course, it will only dissuade Christians from joining the party and potential supporters from casting ballots for it.

“As concerned Democrats, we are deeply worried about the potential threats and political crisis that would be created if the ruling party resolved to consider a Muslim-Muslim ticket during the upcoming 2023 Presidential elections,” the communique states.

“The need for the political summit was motivated by the tense atmosphere created by regional unrest and the potential crisis that a Muslim-Muslim ticket might bring about.

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In order to achieve a unified and peaceful coexistence, we are requesting that all political parties strike a balance along religious and ethnic lines.

“The Executive Members determined that in the interest of National Unity, it is good for the ruling party APC and its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to choose a Christian running mate in the same way the main opposition party, PDP, has done after deliberating extensively on the best course of action for a sustainable peace and progress of our dear country.

Lalong has publicly demonstrated his ability to bring people together. He has handled the crises in Plateau so skillfully that even the Muslims in the State are at ease around him, which is proof that he will undoubtedly treat everyone fairly.

“If APC goes in a different direction, it will not only deter Christians from joining the party and voters who are willing to support it during the election, but it also may create discord that will force them to support other parties with balanced candidates.”

All political parties and presidential candidates should place the utmost importance on unity and progress at this pivotal time when Nigeria’s corporate existence is at risk.

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