Bandits may take over some states before 2023 – Prof. Abel


Joel Mudaiwa Abel, a former political advisor and country delegate to Uganda, said on Saturday that the general election of 2023 is far from realistic given the numerous crimes Nigerians have committed.

According to him, some insurgents and bandits could seize control of some states, making it difficult for the poor majority to exercise their right to vote.

Educator Joel An ex-lecturer in the political science department noted that it is impossible for a nation to hold free and fair elections when there are constant banditry attacks, killings, billions of Naira being stolen, human abductions, and inflation.

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Although a sitting president lost the election, he claimed that the country was slightly better in 2015 because there were fewer bandits.

He has already stated that many Nigerians, particularly the poorer sections of the population, are fed up with Nigerian politics and are unsure of who to vote for to free them from unrelenting attacks and hunger.

Additionally, he asserts that even if there are elections, the ruling class will use all of the resources at their disposal to rig the results in favour of the candidate they favour.

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