Nigeria at 61: Buhari’s aide is under fire for urging Nigerians to celebrate their country’s “greatness.”


Nigerians have slammed Bashir Ahmad, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant on Digital and New Media, for his Facebook post urging them to celebrate Nigeria’s greatness on Independence Day.

The president’s media aide reminded Nigerians of the October 1st event tomorrow, Friday, on his verified Facebook page.

“Tomorrow, October 1st, is Nigeria’s 61st Independence Anniversary,” it says. Let us all rejoice in our beloved country’s greatness.”

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The post, however, did not go down well with angry Nigerians, who stormed the comment section to confront Bashir, reminding him of the country’s economic and security crisis under Buhari’s regime.

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The following are some of the responses that have been compiled:

Dauda B Abubakar: “Where is greatness when blood is being spilled all over the country?” When people are unable to access their farms? What happens when students are not safe in their schools? PMB’s six years of failure and incompetence have shattered that sense of greatness.”

Abdul Malik: “What do we want to celebrate?” Is it the hunger or the constant killings/kidnappings”?

“What are you celebrating?” asks Amb Reuben.

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In Southern Kaduna, there are dead bodies everywhere. “What exactly are you celebrating?”

Makari Gali: “Poverty, insecurity, corruption, an unstandardized economy, incompetent leadership, political rulers’ selfishness, spiritual looters, or what else?”

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“Alhamdulillah for independence, but when it comes to enjoying Nigerian wealth, the masses have nothing to show as a benefit to their own country”!

“We have no greatness to celebrate,” says Maryam Ibrahim. Come to Sabon Birni or Isa Local Government Area in Sokoto, and you will never want to celebrate any nonsense independence.”

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